Deportation defense law and Immigration court rules are a product of complex compromise between various political forces within American government system and as a result are so complicated that without quality deportation defense attorney you are almost guaranteed to be deported or end up with removal order for the rest of your life in the U.S. A quality deportation defense attorney usually has at least five years experience representing his/her clients in immigration court at least twice or three times a week, knows the immigration court judges, knows how to manipulate the system in favor of his/her clients without violating the rules in a damaging way and most importantly has professional paralegals working in the office. Without professional paralegals working in the office preparing documents to be submitted to the court, deportation defense attorney is doomed and will inevitably be facing multiple bar complaints and refund requests to the point of losing control over the office operations.

If deportation defense attorney hires useless paralegal school graduates who have never had experience working with immigration forms, these negligent, forgetful and incompetent paralegals and legal assistants will ruin your case. Unfortunately, Paralegals working for the attorney are not personally responsible for making mistakes in your case and the worst that can happen to them is that they get fired and then find another victim office where they will continue ruining other people’s cases and ultimately ruining clients’ lives. A Deportation defense attorney, on the other hand, is risking to lose his/her license and reputation due to negligent paralegals working for him or her – the unfair and perverse system punishes the attorney for failing to micromanage and babysit incompetent and lazy paralegals and assistants!

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So when you hire deportation defense attorney, you get a false sense of security that since you can easily file a complaint against deportation defense attorney , you can feel safe that the work will get done right – but its important to understand that the deportation defense attorney is not GOD and is not capable of watching his paralegals every step of the way and watching their every move, so no matter how hard the attorney will try to police his assistants and paralegals they will continue to damage your case if they want to! So when you are looking for a deportation defense attorney DO NOT LOOK AT FAKE NEGATIVE YELP REVIEWS BY DISGRUNTLED SCAMMERS but look for HOW MANY YEARS THE OFFICE HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS and pay attention to whether the office MOVED many times or not – many notary and attorney scammers move frequently from place to place to hide from defrauded clients! Look at how many people are working the attorney and make sure it's NOT A ONE PERSON OPERATION! Of course, you cannot know if attorney’s staff members are professional or not until you hire the attorney, but when you come to the office and see who s working there you will get a clue.

OUR OFFICE has been in business for over 13 years and HAS NEVER MOVED! WE KEPT EXPANDING ON OUR FLOOR in the same location for 13 years! Our deportation defense attorney Dmitry Paniotto has been going to court regularly for the past 13 years and knows the judges and the court system! We have a highly professional staff of experienced paralegals who know what they are doing and still are being supervised by Dmitry’s associate attorney to make sure they provide excellent service! We don’t make guarantees of success in your case because its illegal and immoral, but we are very confident we can help you better than many other law firms that lack same experience and professionalism that we have acquired over the past 13 years!

Deportation Defense

If you just crossed the border or have been detained by immigration after living in this country for many years or have received a notice to go to immigration court – you have been placed in DEPORTATION or REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS.

This means the U.S. government wants to send you back to your country! But before they can do that the U.S. government generously provides you with what is called “DUE PROCESS RIGHTS” that are guaranteed by U.S. Constitution. As part of these “due process rights” you are entitled to see Immigration judge and hire deportation defense attorney to try to prove to the U.S. government that you qualify for certain immigration benefits that would allow you to not be deported.

These benefits include but are not limited to Asylum, Cancellation of Removal for permanent and non permanent residents, adjustment of status through immediate relatives , U visas for crime victims, prosecutorial discretion and other forms of relief from deportation/removal

To apply for these immigration benefits you will need to hire a deportation defense attorney to prepare the correct forms and properly file these forms with the Immigration judge and then to go to trial on your case where you will be giving testimony under oath. If Immigration Judge approves your application for relief you will be allowed to remain in the country, and if they deny your case, you have a right to appeal within 30 days.

If you are fighting your case in immigration detention, there is a also an additional right to seek to be released on bail while fighting your case and judge will decide if you should be released on bond depending if you have a potentially good case, if you are a flight risk or a danger to community.

Who can be deported?

As the immigration law stands now (end of 2016), there are three major priorities for removal:

  1. Individuals with one or more prior felonies
  2. Individuals with three or more misdemeanors
  3. Individuals with prior removal orders

This means that if you have a prior criminal record (ANTECEDENTES PENALES) it is very important to see a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to investigate if your record can be CLEANED before immigration agents will KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR!

DO NOT WAIT FOR YEARS TO CLEAN YOUR RECORD ! EVEN IF YOU ARE A PERMANENT RESIDENT and you are applying for citizenship, or traveling or renewing your Green card, you prior criminal record from many years ago can HURT YOU – we have had many clients who traveled abroad and on the way back the ICE officers at the airport checked their criminal record and initiated DEPORTATION proceedings to REVOKE THEIR GREENCARDS! Same happened when clients went to some incompetent notaries who filed for citizenship for them without checking criminal record! At the citizenship interview IMMIGRATION OFFICERS were initiating REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS to revoke individuals’ GREENCARD based on prior criminal record from years ago! And if you are here ILLEGALLY, its basically A MUST to clean your criminal record if possible We have a VERY EXPERIENCED associate CRIMINAL DEFENSE attorney who is helping our clients TO CLEAN THEIR CRIMINAL RECORDS! So if you have a prior criminal record COME TO OUR OFFICE FOR FREE CONSULTATION RE IMMIGRATION CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD TO DETERMINE IF YOU NEED TO HIRE A CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER TO CLEAN YOUR RECORD!



THE IMMIGRATION AGENTS place detained individuals inside the B18 ROOM in the basement of 300 N Los Angeles building and from there put them on the bus to MEXICO very fast if such individuals have PRIOR REMOVAL ORDERS! No time to hire an attorney!

So before that happens, - if you have a prior REMOVAL ORDER entered by the IMMIGRATION JUDGE, come to our office for FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your options of REOPENING THE CASE TO CLEAN YOUR DEPORTATION!


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